What Can I Start Doing Right Away? 3 Ways To Change My Belief System by Myself!

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“Imagination is a tool for manifestation.”

Jeffrey Allan

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”


“There is nothing more powerful than the made-up mind.”

Lewis Gordon


When we believe “A” to be “the way” we tend to choose action A, rather than action B. This will guide us to continually make choices that will manifest/create our path.

The possibilities of expansion for any one of us are infinite, regardless of our age or status or anything else. There are countless known amazing stories about people that changed their lives rather quickly in a massive way because they have changed their perspectives. Somehow, they have expanded their mental possibilities, and as a consequence their actions and outcomes.

First, how come we have determined beliefs? Where do they come from?

Growing up, we learn all kinds of concepts that will guide us to how we behave. These concepts are passed through our parents, schools, TV, religions, friends, overall culture, depending on where we were born and grew up. As an example, if we are taught that drinking alcohol is a cool thing, we probably won’t pay attention to the many proofs available, that show without a doubt that alcohol is one of the worst drugs, being responsible, besides many others, for preventing the pineal gland to properly function.  Most of us still believe stuff like “it is manly to drink” or “one glass of wine a day is a good thing for the heart”. Until we look deeper and further into what we, consciously or unconsciously choose to be, we will be what others, in this case, big industries that profit from it, decide us to be.


Ok, but how can I change this?

Everything starts to change inside and around you when you accept to guide your own ability to provide healthy content that will, eventually, replace the programs/beliefs that are obsolete and harmful to you.

Whether you believe it or not, the inputs we give to ourselves are the most impactful, whether they are good or bad. And, in my opinion, we are the only ones that can change what already is very deep in us. If you observe your standards and frequently give them some of your time/attention/love by developing self-care practices to improve them, your life will unfold in the most spectacular ways. You will start recognizing more opportunities (abundance) because you are transforming the support structures that allow you to do the recognition.

There are tools you can use to guide this amazing expansionary movement to your benefit. Whether it’s by yourself or with a professional, here are 3 that I recommend:


  1. Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a therapy that can reach deep-rooted wounds and beliefs and change them. But, if you know anything about hypnotherapy, you’ll know that whether you do it with a therapist or by yourself, it is the patient who does the work. He will be the one to dive in, see and accept the changes, by deeply understanding why he needs them.

If you are interested, download our free self Hypnosis guide. You will find there everything you need to understand how to practice self Hypnosis by yourself.


  1. Visualization

Visualizing is to dream awake, to imagine, to desire using your ability to see in your mind what is it that you want. Isn’t it amazing, how can we see ahead in our minds what we wish to find up ahead?

If the structures that create these visualization movements for us are healed, from toxic habits and limiting beliefs, it becomes very easy to clearly see what is best for us and follow it. When we visualize, we are telling ourselves what the desired outcome is. This is our real moment of choice.

Haven’t you ever wished you had a specific car, and suddenly that car appears everywhere? Or did you even have a child, and suddenly you ask yourself? Where have they hidden so many children until now?

This happens because suddenly you have new priorities guided by your heart. They are honest desires. You informed yourself, somewhere along the line, that that outcome is a priority, so you will start receiving inputs on how to improve your opportunities to reach it.

Daydreaming, Reiki, and Guided Meditations are 3 excellent ways to leverage your manifestation.  We recommend you to practice these exercises, but simultaneously seek therapies to change the beliefs that are already there and possibly hinder your receptiveness to new opportunities.


  1. Mantras

The words we say to ourselves are also very important, and by now you already know my mind on it. We are what we affirm we are, eventually.


Take care beloved soul

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