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Cláudia Roque

We can’t control what happens to us, and I don’t think we’re supposed to anyway. The challenge lies in being as wise as possible when it comes to decision-making moments.

When I really understood that the way I react is the manifestation of my life, I started to pay more attention.

It may seem simple, but this was really a turning point for me.

I understood also, that there is no special magic, accessible to only some of us, to manifest a gratifying life. The magic lies in having infinite possibilities to consciously act, towards what I wish to accomplish.

Honestly, being patient and resilient is a big part of it too.

My name is Cláudia Roque and I’m a Hypnotherapist. I wish to share with you a bit of my story, and once the need for a small revolution in my life.

I was deeply depressed for years without seeing a way out. I tried many different approaches of course, and end up realizing that if the practical side of healing is not aligned with the development of an empowered mindset that can follow it, the transformation will not be efficient.

Aprende o que é hipnose e como a podes usar em teu benefício quaisquer que sejam os teus objetivos. Se forem para te melhorar, vai funcionar. Um guia que te mostra passo-a-passo o que fazer para alcançar os teus resultados desejados.

Learn what hypnosis really is and how you can use it to heal yourself. A step-by-step guide that will help you reach desired results.