We can’t control what happens to us, and I don’t think we’re supposed to anyway. The challenge lies in being as wise as possible when it comes to decision-making moments. 

When I really understood that the way I react is the manifestation of my life, I started to pay more attention.

It may seem simple, but this was really a turning point for me

I stopped blaming others and started to understand that they were really showing me about myself. They were mirroring me when they reacted to what I just did. It’s help and guidance.

I understood also, that there is no special magic, accessible to only some of us, to manifest a gratifying life. The magic lies in having infinite possibilities to consciously act, towards what I wish to accomplish. 

Honestly, being patient and resilient is a big part of it too. 

My name is Cláudia Roque and I’m a Hypnotherapist. I wish to share with you a bit of my story, and once the need for a small revolution in my life.

I was deeply depressed for years without seeing a way out. I tried many different approaches of course, and end up realizing that if the practical side of healing is not aligned with the development of an empowered mindset that can follow it, the transformation will not be efficient.

If every day we dedicate a bit of our time to self-care activities, we will be completely eliminating diseases and improving every aspect of our lives.

I can see now that the depression symptoms meant that I was screaming for change, in an urgent need for progress in my life.

But when I was experiencing this phase, this was not my perspective at all. I blamed myself. It seemed that everybody else was equipped with what it took to live a balanced life, but me.  

Eventually, and I have this memory of a specific day when I just woke up, to clearly realize how fragile and unprepared I was behaving. I was just taking life for granted and not moving towards better and still complaining. I was not happy, but also not doing anything about it.  Of course, nothing was really happening for me, there was no passion.

And today it seems obvious to me the connection between passionate investment and feedback, but honestly, it was not back then. And I believe that is still not to so many of us.

When finally I decided that I was going to do whatever it took to take care of me, little time after and to my big surprise, I found that what I needed was never far.  

There are 2 basic guidelines that I want to share with you right away. And the best part is that we already have everything we need to apply them. 


The first is that in order to reach balance, you need to take a holistic and integrated approach when it comes to your daily self-care routines. 

Body, mind, emotions, and soul are like our 4 wheels that in order to move the “car”, safely and at pace, must be cared for equally. It doesn’t make sense to take care of only the right-hand wheels of the car, does it? 

If you will, our whole being is like a big muscle that needs to be trained to be fit and healthy.  All of our parts make just one of us, and each one empowers the others. If we fail to take care, the system will struggle, and eventually will get sick somehow.


“Progress Equals Happiness”

Antony Robbins


When it comes to our bodies, we need to eat healthy food and practice physical exercise. This enables it to operate fluidly and at its best healing abilities. We now know that what we eat and the quality of the exercise we practice are of the utmost importance when it comes to balancing our body’s natural chemistry. Without the proper hormones and all the necessary vitamins and minerals, we cannot expect to be healthy or have positive emotions or thoughts. It’s all connected!

Meditation and hypnosis are about seeing the map. When we follow our passions and dreams, we are able to feel alive and motivated. Our power just happens. There are millions of possibilities when it comes to what we love to do, but each one of us can point favorites. This is because those are the ones that tell us the path to happiness, to our personal success. It doesn’t matter if others won’t understand you, you possibly won’t understand others’ choices either. Each of us has something unique to bring into this world. 

Whether you do it with the help of a trained professional or by yourself, meditation and hypnosis are two wonderful tools to clear your vision of what is holding you back (limiting beliefs, blocks, traumas) from being and feeling successful. 

Expand your mind-muscle by spending your time developing new skills and knowledge. Our central intelligence needs to produce, invent, create. Whether it’s something you already know something about or something new like learning to play a new musical instrument, or volunteering to that project you like, or building your own website like me, this will expand your sense of contribution, your sense of self-worth, your confidence, competence, and joy. It’s all connected.


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”


My ability to accept change have also improved my life quality. 

I understood the need to let go of circumstances that no longer made sense to keep battling. I was battling with myself to fit in someplace that was clearly.  I accepted that everyone is on their own path and that we are not meant to be loyal to what makes us stuck. Being stuck is not love, it’s something else. 

Once I have faced these fears of being true to myself regardless of what would happen next, instead of fear and rejection, I found acceptance and regeneration. And the funny thing is that there was nobody stopping me. I was stopping myself, holding on to “one size fits all” learned perceptions of success. 

I discovered that my success is yet to be invented by me, with every moment and every choice I make. 

And secondly, you have to take care of your “4 wheels” every day.

When we don’t take advantage of our time with activities that are expansive, the mind will look for old stuff and run them again, and again. It’s our mind’s job! Powerful as it is, it will find and run old patterns and programs of victimization and scarcity and self-blame, and the list goes on and on, Our real choice lies here in these moments when we chose, every day, to do new little something’s that will turn the will in our favor.


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When I started to include my self-care activities in my schedule, as being so important as everything else in there, little time after I realized that those old thoughts of scarcity and deep sadness started to get much less airtime, so they influenced me less and less. I started to consciously give my energy towards what I wanted to manifest. 

Before this little revolution, I worked for 10 years outside my training area, Psychology. And this was another one of my achievements with these changes. I connected with the original goal and the one that actually makes me happier and more fulfilled.
In recent years I have spent my time specializing in hypnosis and meditation, my tools of choice.

Today with my work, my main goals are to assist others in retraining old limiting and stifling patterns into the freedom of expression ones; And to show how can each one of us, like myself, quickly become independent in our healing process, by committing to daily self-care routines.

This depression that I went through was truly a blessing. This was my door to awareness, but whatever is yours, I believe that this is the beginning of a higher calling to embrace a new perspective on what is really important to take care of in your life. Is the calling to a new level of consciousness of yourself and your needs. And this new perspective begins with self-care and self-love. 


A lot of things became “possible” for me lately. And you know, the only thing that really changed, was the realization that this improvement in my life it’s available for me too. As it is for you!

We just have to put our love and care into it, and answers will be reached and lives will be changed!



May you have a free journey dear soul.

Cláudia Roque

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