The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief

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This is an amazing journey to be done. In the beginning, the book is a little heavy because it starts by showing other studies that validate his point. But right after it just becomes something amazing to read. To read this book is to tap into a different perspective, which honestly made a lot of sense to me. It absolutely helped me expand the mindset on what really is this force that links all creation, and is responsible for healing our bodies, for the success of our careers, relationships. It was a really significant book for me that helped me to expand significantly my mindset. It was that kind of book where there is a before and an after. In this book,  Gregg Braden talks about what connects science, spirituality, and miracles through this language of The Divine Matrix. It really was “a worthy of my time” book, I really recommend it if you are looking to understand a little more about yourself.

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