Can Hypnosis Realy Heal Anxiety and Depression?

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Hypnosis is a way to reach the missing puzzle pieces, that are preventing you from enjoying your present moments. 


“There are so many things in human living that we should regard not as traumatic learning, but as incomplete learning, unfinished learning.

Milton Erikson


When we ignore a difficult situation, and leave it unresolved internally, misunderstood, it will affect all our present moments from then on. What happens afterwards is that we will be more prone to feel fear that similar situations will happen again, because we haven’t really learned about what to change in ourselves to avoid them. We feel that life is a constant possibility of new attacks. We feel that unpleasant people and situations are always coming at us and we don’t understand why. This causes fears, anxiety, confusion, and also the resurgence of old memories that constantly come back because our mind is so clever that keeps trying to tell us to look closer. Because there is something else to be seen.


“Often the greatest joys are not found in new things, but in old things seen through new eyes.”
Jonathan Lockwood Huie


Hypnotherapy provides a real opportunity for you to find those missing pieces. It is possible to access new understandings that will fuel the expansion of your consciousness, as to what tranquility and deep healing is for you. Ando what you have to do/not do/change/accept in order to get to them. When we understand what we are doing to get that result we feel we have gained knowledge and power over our old selves. Which results in greater confidence and emotional and mental stability.

What we are shown through hypnosis offers us the possibility to change the meanings/beliefs/importance we have registered in relation to a given situation. Whether they are shown through old memories or new situations (remember that much of what we work with in Hypnosis is through symbols), we are updating understandings, which although hidden, have a lot of influence on us. As an example, if you return to a painful memory, observing it with the knowledge and experience you have of life today, it will generate new understandings, and consequently change the emotional charge that is attached to that memory, to a more updated and empowering one. These renovations of subconscious information do not always take place on their own as we mature. There are traumatic situations where we need this extra attention to “untangle the knots”.

Hypnotherapy also provides an excellent opportunity to plant new constructive and empowering seeds. Through positive suggestions you will be continuing the development and manifestation of your desired goals.


“Observation, not old age, brings wisdom.”
Publilius Syrus

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