Dream Journal – 13 May 2022

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Today, I am going to tell you about a dream I once had, that shaped my perspective on difficult changes.

My goal is to show you the importance of the dream language, which often brings us very relevant guiding information about our present moment and its challenges. It is to raise awareness of the importance of these voices that we all have, but not all of us listen to.
Our subconscious/internal deep structures/soul/spirit/higher self/(…) express themselves also through dreams. As we are asleep, in low-intensity vibrations, calm and tranquility, there is mental space for the other stage characters, who are less noisy, less dramatic, and need less attention, to “speak”. The same happens when we meditate or practice hypnosis. We listen to those who rarely speak, but who says a lot about what is really important.
“But Claudia, I never or rarely dream!” If you want to dream more, say to yourself that you will dream tonight, every day until it happens, before you fall asleep. And always register your dreams. Writing them provides the attention/love they need to keep happening.

The Dream I’m telling you about today happened 7 years ago. At the time I wrote little about dreams and I don’t have a certain date for this one, but I know it was around this time of year.

At the time, I was going through an important crossroads. Perhaps one of the most relevant for the life style I live now.

At the time, I didn’t practice my spiritual connection as much, but I remember starting the meditation practice and reading somewhere that I could ask my heart what was the best way for me. As a result, I began to realize, more deeply, that I could interact with my subtle wisdom to get answers. It was this moment that helped me to accommodate that there really is a map of allied wisdom within me, that I have access to.


A certain day later, I woke up from a disturbing dream:


I was the Tomb Raider from the game I played on the Sega Saturn console (which I idolized and played a lot as a kid with my brother and cousins).

The path ahead of me was a rocky gorge and there was no one behind chasing me. There was a path back to where I was before, but no way out. I knew I had to go forward, and so I did it.

When I fell, my body was completely broken, molding itself to the various rocks where I landed, full of blood, causing excruciating pain. Even there, I always kept this perspective in the background, that I was doing the right thing. This certainty gave me the strength to not despair.

A short time later, a black and yellow snake came out of my navel and bit me on the wrist, the neck, and a couple of other places that I couldn’t remember exactly when I woke up. The snake’s venom numbed my pain and helped me to finally die.

I woke up.


We are capable of transforming ourselves if we want to. If we are willing to be reborn.

Freedom happens when we make room to stretch our limits.



Travel light beloved soul.

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Cláudia Roque
Hypnotherapy and Counselling

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