Dream Journal – 18 April 2022

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Today, I am going to tell you about a dream I once had, that helped me change the circumstances of my life considerably.

My goal is to show you the importance of the dream language, which often brings us very relevant guiding information about our present moment and its challenges. It is to raise awareness of the importance of these voices that we all have, but not all of us listen to.
Our subconscious/internal deep structures/soul/spirit/higher self/(…) express themselves also through dreams. As we are asleep, in low-intensity vibrations, calm and tranquility, there is mental space for the other stage characters, who are less noisy, less dramatic, and need less attention, to “speak”. The same happens when we meditate or practice hypnosis. We listen to those who rarely speak, but who says a lot about what is really important.
“But Claudia, I never or rarely dream!” If you want to dream more, say to yourself that you will dream tonight, every day until it happens, before you fall asleep. And always register your dreams. Writing them provides the attention/love they need to keep happening.

I woke up that day and wrote what happened right away, so I wouldn’t forget.

I saw myself in a huge warehouse completely filled with every kind of furniture and memorabilia you can think of. Beds, furniture of all sorts and sizes, high-footed lamps, shoes, a world globe, bags with Christmas balls, picture frames, armchairs, basketball hoops, everything you can imagine that would fill up many houses. The room was endless, both to the left and to the right, all completely full. It was all so close together that it was very difficult for me to move at all. I just appeared in the center of everything, and when I realized where I was, I started trying to get out of there. Sometimes I had to make a huge turn and go around various pieces of furniture to move a few feet in some direction. As I walked, I also realized that the room was endless. I managed to get close to one of the sidewalls, but to the left and to the right, every time I walked there was more room extension and more furniture appearing on the horizon. It was as if the light was going on in front of me and going off behind me, in the same scenario.

The ceiling was very high. If we looked from above, I would resemble an ant for sure. The room was rectangular and super, super wide. In my perception, close to a kilometer wide. It was a huge space, full of memories, appointments, moments, people, expectations, …, connected with those objects.

There were several details, but the most significant was a bird that accompanied me every time I moved. It was an attentive presence, which I didn’t entertain, but was always there.

I woke up tired and immediately registered the dream. As I wrote it down, and it often happens to me like this, the main conclusion of what the dream meant came to me. What was clearly shown to me was the confusion I was in. The size of the cluster I experienced there showed me that on several levels I felt bogged down, unable to move freely. I already felt this way usually, but this dream was so clear that it shocked me. It was as if my subconscious was asking me for help to act. It was confirmed to me that I was indeed on the edge and that nothing good, mentally or emotionally, could ever come out of this state, if we remained without making the decisions we needed to make.

After this, I cut a significant family tie. I later realized it was a huge weight in my life, huge. Sure, right away I suffered a lot, as one does, but when I released myself from the pain of ego, lack, want, looked around, and saw quiet time and light friendships I had in my life, I felt I reached heaven, seriously. In fact, when we let go of what weighs us down, sometimes without realizing it because it’s been there forever, we are used to it, and suddenly our mood for life changes.

A previous dream, which I dreamed many times, suddenly made perfect sense. In this one, I was inside a well, with another being dressed in a black cloak that covered his entire body and face, and who was moving around me all the time, so I wouldn’t run away.

And it doesn’t mean that this person is that demon, it’s not, but this was the image that “myself” found to bring to my consciousness the mess I was in.

I want to leave you with one conclusion that I came to with all this. Relationships, especially love relationships, are the ones that take us to the bottom-most quickly. There is no relationship that weighs us down and unbalances us more, like the one we have with our life partners if it is out of balance. If the other does not want to change, you are not supposed to stay there! You won’t be able to help! It is arrogant of us to think that we can change others, just because we want to change. And it’s a lack of self-love to wait on it to happen. We are not helping the other to do both our jobs. And we’re certainly not helping ourselves. Everybody deserves someone who they feel comfortable with.

The only way to help others is by our example. When you feel good, you move people to look at you and do what they need to do to feel good too.

We have to start knowing how to separate love, from a life together. Sometimes these are different things. There are many people we love sincerely, that live in ways that don’t fit with ours. If our balance is compromised by being next to someone, we can still love and let them go on with their life. Whoever we have by our side needs to have more than a couple of ideas and desires in common.

If you are in doubt, remember that it has to make you feel good. Not just once in a while!
And, time is your friend.


Travel light beloved soul.

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Cláudia Roque
Hypnotherapy and Counselling

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