Duality. What difference does it make to understand and integrate this concept? What is duality anyway?

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“No matter how difficult that day was, having this outcome as a consequence already makes me feel that it was worth going through it all!…” Said Maria in one of our last meetings.


Our intuition (wants/desires/impulses/6th sense/feelings/reason), doesn’t always lead us to make decisions that bring positive outcomes. But does that make it wrong? Is going through unpleasant/difficult and also therefore transformative situations something we should avoid?

Is our intuition, that one who makes us feel attracted for “this” instead of “that”, wrong in its considerations, just because we saw in our minds a different outcome as the better one? Or can you allow in the possibility of what we see now is not the entire picture and so we might even come to realize that this move, even being difficult, was the best that could happen?


As an example:

In the search for my ideal job, I’ve looked at job ads. And I was quite comfortable, I’m paid well, I’m respected and listened to, I like what I do, but there’s something missing.
A tempting opportunity for change arrived. Of course, it’s a risk, but my will pushes me to try and that’s what I have decided to do eventually.
As a result, a year later I decided to change again because that experience was one of the worst I have ever had. It did not correspond at all to what I wanted. Conflicting people, unfair bosses, poorly assigned responsibilities and boundaries, and so on. Very tough environment overall.
But my intuition/desire/will told me that I should take a risk… Should I continue to follow it?

I don’t believe that our intuition/wishes/will always pull us towards easier, more comfortable. I believe it always pulls us towards the best and fastest path that will lead us to the fulfillment of our heart’s desires. And if that includes disappointments that will help us to better recognize the right opportunities, then that’s where we will be directed at.

Can you count disappointments that in the end, you thanked?

And in these experiences, I find the strength to say that, seen under a microscope, our life is full of dualities, of good and bad moments, positive and negative, ups and downs. But seen from the top of a mountain, the city is beautiful and complete. All the streets, narrower or not, with pavement or tarmac, with more or less light, with bigger or smaller houses, all together, form an absolutely magical view. Every detail is admired and necessary for the beauty of the picture.

I believe you can choose to live from the perspective of “this is good, let’s go this way” and “this is bad, let’s go that way”, and not listen to your body/your intuition. But this way you are not using your tools. You are just walking away from the experiences that will lead you to the transformations you need to achieve your desired goals. You are running away from yourself because it feels bad!? I keep telling my son that not everything that tastes good is good and vice versa.

When we follow our intuition, what attracts us, what makes us feel alive and vibrant, that makes us light up just by thinking of it, we probably won’t have a quiet life full of comfort, as I probably would have had if I’d continued to work in that first company. But I also wouldn’t be the person I am today, I wouldn’t have encountered so many wonderful and terrible things that made me understand a little better about life and who I really am, what I like/want, what brings me fulfillment/satisfaction.

I read somewhere, a long time ago, (honestly I have no idea where anymore), someone who wrote about the challenges that each animal would have to face in order to evolve/expand its (existential) potential. The author defended that the challenge to be overcome by the human being was to learn how to trust.


Free journey beloved soul.

Cláudia Roque


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