Guided, Free Meditation or Hypnosis? Which one should I choose?

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Guided Meditation

It is very much aimed at guiding you in all the details/moments, taking your first steps in this subtle and powerful universe inside you. It’s a delicious exercise that trains your ability to relax, focus and surrender. It’s perfect to start understanding what is expected from us in meditation, helping our body and mind to learn and adapt.



It comes as a semi-guided exercise where there are guided moments, and also interaction with your personal and non-transferable experiences. When you practice hypnosis, the hypnotherapist will guide your relaxation and accompany you. But the experiences that follow and come to be put into perspective, as a hypnotic experience, are personal to you. The moment that is (re)lived arises from the patient and is analyzed with the therapist. The therapist will adapt to help the patient reach greater understandings.


In Free Meditation

your companion is yourself and your inner guidance. You are deeply immersed in sincere intimacy. It’s possible that if you haven’t trained in any other forms of immersion before, meditation may become, in the beginning, boring, not presenting immediate visible results. This is because the ability to surrender to the deep and subtle state of meditation is yet to be mastered to the point where you will enjoy it and see it as an absolute necessity to your inner and outer balance. But in a short time, if you are stubborn and show that you are worthy of receiving, you will be able to attain the so much appreciated silence state, that speaks only the truth.


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