Why Is Hypnosis The Best?

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Benefits of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a technique used in psychotherapy, through which you easily reach greater clarity and understanding of yourself and others. It allows you to see beyond what would be possible in a normal waking state, because it achieves a state of directed total attention, which gives you access to see and change what has been limiting you.

Because it is so focused on the target, it is a quick therapy. And it is very important to mention that it is directed, but not because of the therapist or even the patient  will.  Usually the patient comes with an initial intention of healing,  and the therapist may even adapt the exercises to benefit the observation of this intention, however, when hypnosis begins, it is the experiences that need to be seen first that come up for observation. Often having nothing to do with the initial intention. It is the patient’s experience/subcontinent that guides the healing direction. The therapist will then accompany the patient so that the emotional charge registered in that experience is transformed in the best way possible to empower the patient. This is why it is so targeted and respectful. Because each patient goes directly to what he or she needs, regardless of their conscious knowledge.

When we practice the exercises that induce us into a hypnotic state, our vibration changes. We go from experiencing Beta brain waves to Alpha and even Theta brain waves. These vibrate at of a lower frequency, providing a greater capacity for focus and relaxation. These vibrations are not caused by Hypnosis. They are already natural to the human being in the most varied situations. Hypnosis is only the form of therapy that makes use of this gateway, to take care from within, from your deepest and truest self. To act on where we are most receptive to change. So that it can really make a difference for you.

This is why we can all experience a hypnotic state. Maybe it’s harder in the therapist’s office the first time because we’re more nervous. But we can all do it.

But why is it important to practice?

This hypnotic state can be voluntarily and consciously achieved for several purposes. When we practice it with a clear intention of healing or positive change, empowerment, or whatever it is, if it is to help you, it will be accepted and will bring improvements. Let’s see how:

– Achieves immediate and definitive results;

– Needs minimal sessions;

– Saves you time and money;

– Frees you from those limitations you feel you’ve had for a long time;

– Relaxes you immediately;

– Relieves stress habit;

– Treats depression;

– Relieves chronic pain;

– Builds your confidence and self-esteem;

– Helps enormously to treat eating disorders;

– Treat Anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD, Panic Attacks, PTSD and Social Phobia);

– Frees you from traumas and limiting beliefs;

– Treat sleep disorders;

– Eliminates risky behaviors such as addictions;

– …

And Also:

The full awake state (Beta waves) is very important because it allows us to be alert, to think and plan our daily tasks. But it is also when we are more prone to feel stress, anxiety, panic, fear… In sleep disorders often we struggle to make this transition between Beta and lower vibrations, because we are running all the time. This prevents us from falling asleep, or having enough hours of rest.

We all need to experience moments of relaxation during the daytime. To live balanced lives, we really need to give ourselves the chance.


Here are 2 very simple relaxation exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime.

If it makes sense to you, I recommend doing them before meditating, visualizing exercises, and sleeping. They will help you on these intentions.

Exercise 1:

Mindful Breathing

With eyes closed, breathe slowly and deeply;

Visualize a colorful cloud beginning to surround you now;

It carries healing energies. Can you see the colors?

Breathe in this energy through your nose and observe how it is spreading all over your body;

See how it energizes all your cells, which now take on the color or colors of the cloud;

Repeat as many times as you wish.

Always remind yourself to be grateful for your amazing life and all the possibilities of healing we all have.


Exercise 2:

Induction by Fixing your gaze

Keep your eyes open and focused on a specific point in front of you;

Then watch as your eyelids get more and more tired;

When you feel it coming to you, gently close them and notice the almost immediate feeling of relaxation that comes with it;

From this place;

Focus your attention on your body and everything that is happening inside him. Feel his movements, pains, discomforts, itches, feelings; thoughts, others;

Connect with this present moment here and now for a few moments;

Be here, nothing else matters now. Give your full attention and time to this moment as long as you wish.

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