What Can I Do To Be Independent In My Self-Healing?

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With only one hour a day you can!


To live healthy lives, we depend on keeping activities, routines that balance us. We are what we eat, not just food-wise.

What happens is that if we don’t consciously apply our energy in activities that manifest what we want for us, our energy is going to be pulled in a million different directions. There are so many, so many distractions nowadays. If you don’t focus and take charge of your time, your energy will scatter everywhere, and you end up depressed, with no direction, feeling completely lost.

So if you want to be a therapist, for example, you need to commit to study and commit to going through your own process of healing. This way, you can lead the way and guide others

If you want to be an athlete, you need to commit to many days of repetitive and hard physical work and practice a very strict diet. Whatever you chose, if you dare to choose, you will need to plan your days and make them happen

There is nothing we can’t do. You see, the difference between people that succeed and the ones that don’t are in the magic/ability to manifest our lives the way we want to, everybody can do it. There are no special people here. The difference is in the doing. And what is behind the impulse to do is your mindset. Your beliefs, your level of empowerment, your motivation, your strength to accomplish. So what can I do to tap into this movement mode?

Joe Vitale:
“The meta secret to great health is to feel good now! With Good thoughts, good food, plenty of sleep
and by doing what you love.”

We are moved by our 4 wheels, body, mind, spirit, and emotions. To be in a great vibration that allows you to access your full potential, you need to take care of these 4 wheels with daily routines of self-care. Sounds more complicated than it is.

Eat healthily and exercise. Your body will produce all the right natural chemicals that it needs to be balanced and fully working. And don’t forget to get plenty of sleep, we do need it;

Train your mind by learning new skills. Whatever it is that you like. Do something you always wanted to do like learning a new musical instrument or taking that course you always wanted, or even building your own business, even like me once, you have little to start with. Whatever it is, do something that makes you feel expanding, growing, and that’s what you will be manifesting;

Meditate and heal. Dare to see what you are made of. What’s inside anyway? Who are you, what are you doing here? Do you know? Meditation shows you the map to your truest self, your truest desires. Not the superficial ones that go away after a wile, but the ones that are part of your core, of who you are. The ones that, once manifested, will bring you long life happiness, abundance, stability, true feelings of accomplishment. Only you can discover them if you dare to look inside.

Also, to move the emotional wheel into the right direction, remember to surround yourself with people that deserve you, that make you feel like a priority, make you feel loved and cherished. And the rest of the time, be with yourself. We spend time with everybody else but do not bother to spend time with ourselves in silence, just gathering ideas and energy. It’s so nurturing.

If you prioritize your balance from now on, your life will start changing in a beautiful direction, and you will feel it right away.

You have a new choice every second of your life! Own it!

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