Meditation Practice “Healing Room

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Induction Stage

Find your place and your moment.
Recall the intention you have for being here.


“I am grateful for my life. I am grateful for the possibility of being part of this world and the evolution it provides me. I intend to heal my body and mind. I give myself to whatever needs to be healed first.”….

Close your eyes and connect/put your attention on your breath… your body. Feel how alive it is.
Observe yourself (…)

Imagine that the air you breathe is tiny particles of love that the universe makes available to you.
Breathe in deeply and slowly.
When you exhale see/feel this love spreading through your whole body.
Take your time.


“Whatever you consistently feed into your mind is exactly what you will experience in your life.”
Anthony Robbins


Visualization Stage

You stand at the bottom of a staircase going up.
Observe the clothes you’re wearing, your hand on the banister, and start climbing.
At the top of the stairs, you have a small pyramid that you are going to visit. When you enter there is only one large room. You look up and you see a huge opening at the top, so there is a lot of natural light inside the pyramid.
In the center of the room is a table made of crystal. You walk up to it and lie down.
Here, no matter how much time passes on the clock since you lay down, you will feel your physical and subtle bodies draining away everything that no longer makes sense. Memories, doubt, resentments, sadness, feelings of inadequacy, fears….



Suggestion Stage

(These suggestions will have a greater effect the deeper the trance)


While you observe these blockages coming out, replace them with one or more of the following (or others of your own) white energy balls:

“I am, protected@.
I am, surrendering all the burdens I carry, knowing that they are already resolved and that the solution will be presented in due time.
I am, trusting that my creator already has all my needs met.
I am, love and peace that heals from the inside out.”

No matter how long you stay in your pyramid, when you leave progress will have been made.



If thoughts arise don’t identify with them. Observe them and let them go, turning your attention back to what is happening in your body at that very moment. Refocus whenever you find yourself in the middle of thoughts and considerations. Return to your breathing, to your heartbeat as often as necessary. Gradually you will achieve longer periods of concentration.


Travel light beloved soul

Cláudia Roque

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