Us! War Horses!

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Which horse would you use to go to the front of the battle?


The one you know you can trust, that will take you through hell and back

The one that will walk amidst loud sounds and explosions

The one who will walk amongst the smell of blood and the infernal sight of the living dead everywhere

He who fulfills

The one who is a companion at all times.


Or the one who shines and smells better?


Who would you choose to take you?


We too have the choice of which horse we want to be

We all can decide whether we believe or not

We all have the ability to choose who we want to take with us every moment

Who we want to accompany and protect


You are in charge of your life

your choices



Listen to them all

let what you feel in your chest choose which one is the best for you.



Travel light beloved soul.

Cláudia Roque

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