What is Reiki?

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Everything starts with a thought, as far as we are conscious of.

All our energy has its origin in the set of beliefs and patterns each one of us has, which will drive our thoughts and actions to be. From here on, energy is moved and everything we know happens.


What is Reiki?

As to what we already know,  between our bodies and other people’s bodies, there is energy not void. Because the concentration of atoms is less, they don’t form matter visible to us. So we see each other as individual “cells”, but deep down we are all connected.

It is our thinking that will define what kind of exchanges we will have with our “outside” world because everything is available.

In Reiki, the therapist sends healing impulses to the patient. He sends commands for energetic and cellular reorganization. With his capacity for visualization and innate or trained sensitivity, he will suggest rebalancing and healing where the patient needs it most.

Through the atoms that separate our (visible) body, the information will be transmitted and then accepted or not by the receiver, taking into account the limits and beliefs he has.


Why are the results so visible for some people and not for others?

We all have greater free will than we believe we have. If you already know the effectiveness of these techniques, when you go to a session you will accept the energy, and it will be integrated because you will be relaxed and receptive. If you still don’t know and would like to try it, then I advise you, first, to tell yourself that it is possible, and research the subject so that you understand what happens, and don’t be in a reticent or opposed mode. It will work better if you are less defensive or apprehensive during the therapy. If you are relaxed, then I guarantee you that you will feel the results, whatever level you need them at the moment.


How does Reiki at a distance work?

Reiki works even if you are far away or on the other side of the computer because the energy is not limited by distance. In the same way that you talk to a more “sensitive” or attentive person through the computer or telephone, and they feel that you are sad or more agitated or worried (…), also the healing impulses arrive immediately.

There are so many testimonies of people who feel bad because their twin brother or partner is having a bad time on the other side of the world, why do you think this happens? It happens simultaneously because the connection is well established, frequent, desired, immediate, and perceived on both sides.

It is hard to understand why we are not educated about these concepts when we should be, but the fact is that millions of people in the world already deliver and receive Reiki. There have to be significant results here, don’t you think?


It is a delightful therapy because you receive care in a very respectful and non-invasive way, that acts where you need it most. In most cases, the therapist doesn’t even touch the patient. But you can feel the energy that relaxes and cleanses with great delicacy and love, asking permission from your physical and subtle bodies to rebalance you.

It is worthwhile to try it.


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