Why Is Talking to God Therapeutic?

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In order to evolve your consciousness level, there are “things” that only your “God” can show you. Why? Because to reach them, you require such an intimate relationship that you cannot find it outside yourself.

In solitude and listening, I pull towards myself understandings that are not influenced by anyone else’s desires or limitations. Let me tell you about how I find balance in the middle of this amazingly complicated world we live in. I will share with you one of the most powerful and simple tools I’ve ever encountered, that helps me keep balance.

I am a therapist and an explorer. I was always very curious to experiment and see for myself what works and how. I’ve learned many different tools, as a consequence of being in touch with different healing cultures and techniques along the way.

Regardless of your beliefs, I’ll be speaking to you too, if you want to. You see for me what’s true, might have many different colors depending on the country, or the temperature, or the spoken language, but it’s all about human experience, and we are humans. We all feel the need to connect with truth and peace, and leave behind confusion and all kinds of trouble we get into during our lives.

So, whether you write or speak to a mirror, or to a tree, or to your higher self, or to your God, or to the universe, or to your intuition, to your angels, to your ancestors and guides, to mother earth, to Buda, to Ganesha, to Oxum, to Jesus or to just your self … these conversations when had regularly, are a door that we pass through, to manifest therapeutic moments that balance us deeply.

With availability, sit with yourself and talk about your joys and desires and limitations and whatever is going on in your life. In the process of self-questioning/introspection, you will find very satisfying and empowering answers. You will reach a higher level of understanding about what is and isn’t for you.

We talk with so many people every day, but rarely to ourselves with the time and attention required. For some reason, we believe that we know all about ourselves, and we do not. We are in constant change. Different events that happen every day have impact on us. We always change. Frequent “me time” is healing.

I will never forget about what a client of mine said once, her level of honesty was beautiful. She said: “I came here to understand my husband, but I end up understanding myself.” And when you know yourself, your limits, what makes you move, what makes you happy, who you are in your core, you know where to go and what to do.

And this must be done in great commitment with ourselves. Not wile driving, for 10 min before getting to work, with a million of interruptions that usually take priority over us.

Half of life is lost in charming others.
The other half is lost in going through
anxieties caused by others.
Leave this play. You have played enough.”

About the emotions that come during the process, allow yourself to feel them. Be in your present
moment with yourself. Don’t run from it, even if it’s very uncomfortable. Let it all pass through you to be
processed, understood, and integrated.

Our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional “body” is intelligent beyond our understanding, and needs to learn by experimentation, observation. To efficiently navigate this world, we need to experience it, to gain the wisdom to better adapt to it.

So our job is to be present with whatever is going on inside, to allow our creativity to manifest. Speaking and writing is one perfect way to do it.


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