Why Shoud I Meditate? My Real Story.

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Take a few minutes without being interrupted and sit with yourself. Without forcing any answers, connect with that situation that worries you so much and observe. When we are in a meditative state we are more detached because we are only observing it from a distance. And it is precisely this attitude of not “having to reach anything”, that makes us relax and tap into different perspectives. It’s like you have an eagle sight all of a sudden. You can fly above and see more and clearer

Are there repeated patterns in your life? How can we see them?

I’ve already talked about this a few times, but today I’ve come to clearer, more tangible understanding and I have to share this little story with you.

These days I received a phone call from a friend, and as she told me more details about a certain situation that was happening in her life, I found myself voluntarily giving my opinion, which is something I do very little and very carefully these days. I don’t like to influence at all, which I found myself doing.

Later that day, while meditating, this conversational moment shows up, and wile I’m watching myself act, I “see” my body projecting forward; I see eagerness to give my opinion, agitation and in a subtle but very present way the need to lead/influence/control her decision, in order for that situation to end or change drastically as soon as possible. Of course, considering what I think is best for my friend, but strangely, like I was fed up with that situation, that was not mine to manage.

And as I watch this, I’ve realized that the likely reason for my intensity was because I was also feeling hurt. But how is it possible? I’ve had heard her talk about that annoying situation before, but I didn’t even know the person she was talking about

And suddenly:
When I accepted that it was pain I was feeling, and that no matter how irrational that might seem, another memory came to my mind. This was about a very difficult moment for me, that took place many years ago. Recalling that old memory had me thinking about that girl (me) with admiration, for everything she had endured by her self at such a young age. And that change of perspective made me feel great. Made me interpret that experience at a new level of understanding.

A heavy experience was suddenly transformed into very empowering moments.

“There are so many things in human living that we should regard not as traumatic learning but as
incomplete learning, unfinished learning.”
Milton Erikson

And even though the details of the 2 stories were naturally different, I was shown a part of me that was still hurting, through my friend’s history. And realized that this pain I was carrying, despite being something that disappeared from my accessible memory, it was something that still existed and contributed to the manifestation of my outside experiences.

With this;

It is not by chance that in a universe of possibilities you are on this page with me, reading this article. It was also no accident that it hurt me to hear that story. It was mine to see, to better understand myself. Isn’t it magic how the universe speaks to us?

So if you don’t meditate already, I recommend you to try it. I can’t think of anything better to recommend. Meditation is listening to your heart’s map. Everything you wish, you are, you need to look at and heal, understand, is accessible to you.

And by all means, meditating doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to empty your mind. Meditating it doesn’t include imposing anything on yourself, on the contrary, let whatever is there to come, come. Even if it is different from what you had initially in mind. Accept and listen. It will take you where you have to go first. And if it’s a mess, let it be. It needs to be seen. Progress is being made!

Let me know your thoughts.


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